CD/DVD Resources for Non-IPFW Library Visitors

Title: CD/DVD Resources for Non-IPFW Library Visitors
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team
Date: 2014-06-07; 2008-09-09

As a Federal Depository Library, Helmke Library is required to provide access to federal depository documents to citizens of Indiana's 3rd Congressional District. To provide access to CD/DVD items to non-IPFW library users, the library offers the following options which fulfill the demands on a Federal Depository Library to provide access to government information in CD/DVD format.

  • Visitors may request a guest account at the Service Desk which will allow them to use a computer in the library.
  • Many CD/DVD items, especially government documents, can be checked out by Indiana residents. If the item is classed as non-circulating, ask at the Service Desk to discuss an exception.
  • If the CD/DVD cannot be checked out, the Library will make a copy, free of charge, for the user. This service may require up to 48 hours to fulfill.