iPad Loan Guidelines and Procedures

Title: iPad Loan Guidelines and Procedures
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team, Information Technology Services
Date: 2012-10-23

1. Overview

  1. The Helmke Library has 10 Apple iPads available for use by IPFW students, faculty and staff. There are no charges for the use of the iPads; however, fines and fees may apply if the equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or returned late.

2. Eligibility

  1. Only currently enrolled IPFW students and active faculty and staff may check out iPads.
  2. Patron must present a valid IPFW Mastodon Card at the time of check out.

3. Availability

  1. Equipment can be borrowed for 1 week (7 Days), no renewal.
  2. No reservations are allowed.
  3. Users cannot choose which iPad they receive.
  4. iPads can be checked out during library hours.
  5. iPads can leave the building but not all on-campus network services will be available off-campus.

4. Equipment

  1. Hardware
    1. Apple iPad 2 - 16GB
  2. Accessories
    1. Power cord, iPad bag
  3. Software
    1. iPads run iOS and will have some limited free software pre-installed.
    2. Patrons will be allowed to install extra software (via personal iTunes account). Software will be removed when the iPad is returned.

5. Check Out

  1. Users must present a valid IPFW Mastodon Card when checking out an iPad at the Learning Commons Desk on the second floor of the library.
  2. Accessories are checked out with each iPad.
  3. Users can only check out one iPad and one set of accessories at a time.
  4. The borrower is responsible for the equipment and is liable for loss or damage to the iPad and accessories unless damage occurs during a building emergency such as a fire.
  5. Defective equipment should be reported immediately and returned to the Learning Commons Desk.

6. Returns

  1. iPads and all accessories should be returned to the Learning Commons Desk by handing to the Learning Commons consultant.
  2. Equipment should not be left on the counter or placed in the book drop.
  3. Returns must be made before the library closes or late fees may be charged.
  4. Learning Commons staff will assess the equipment for any damage.
  5. Learning Commons staff will clean and/or re-image the iPad in preparation for the next user.

7. Fines and Fees

  1. Late fees are $20 per day, $140 maximum.
  2. After 1 week, borrower will be billed the total replacement cost of all equipment borrowed.
  3. Fees include a non-refundable $25 service charge in addition to late fees and replacement costs.
  4. The maximum fine is $165 (maximum late fees plus service charge) plus replacement costs for the iPad and/or any accessories borrowed.

8. Replacement Costs

  1. iPad, $499 + Apple Care
  2. Protective case, $35
  3. USB Power Adapter $20
  4. USB cable, $20

9. Misuse of Equipment

  1. iPads are to be used according to the Ethical Guidelines for iPad Users, http://new.ipfw.edu/offices/its/policies/ethical-guidelines/.
  2. Misuse or deliberate destruction of equipment should be reported to the Learning Commons Desk.

10. Contact Information

  1. Equipment or borrowing information – Learning Commons Desk (library second floor, 260-481-5483).
  2. General use iPad questions – Learning Commons Desk (library second floor); IT Services Help Desk (260-481-6030, helpdesk@ipfw.edu or Kettler 206).