IPFW Library Research/Creative Endeavor Leave Program

Title: IPFW Library Research/Creative Endeavor Leave Program – Criteria and Procedures
Category: Library Staff Intranet – Staff Handbook
Source: Library Management Team
Approved Date: 2010-04-07, effective date 2010-07-01; Revised 2011-05-10; Revised and approved by LOC 2014-04-02

The Application

1. The application includes name, number of years of service (untenured) or rank, the inclusive dates for which the leave is requested, and the number of previous research leaves.

2. The bulk of the application is a narrative of no more than 5 pages to be used to evaluate the proposed research project. Include the following information:

a. General description of project including the objectives and the expected accomplishments

b. Method and plan of work

c. Significance of the project to the library profession or the specific field in which it is undertaken

d. Description of how the project will enhance the librarian’s professional development

e. Description of preliminary work completed, a timeline of work to be accomplished during requested leave time and evidence that the project can be completed within the requested time

f. Plan for communicating results of the research to a local, regional, or national audience -- specify target organizations or publications and why these were selected

3. Applicant's vita

4. Reports from previous research leaves

The Procedure

The Research/Creative Endeavor Leave Program is an internal program in support of the ongoing research and creative endeavors of librarians at IPFW Helmke Library. The program allows for release time from all other duties for the specified leave period for the express purpose of providing time for concentrated work on a research or creative project. The library supports making time available through research leaves by encouraging the cooperation of colleagues in covering the duties of librarians on leave. Research leaves are for the express purpose of supporting librarians in activities that are considered professional development, research and/or creative endeavor, not for the purpose of special projects or tasks related to the librarian’s performance duties or service.

1. The Professional Development Enhancement Committee (PDEC) reviews applications and makes recommendations to the dean in writing on the merits and/or non-merits of the request. The recommendation will also be provided to the requestor to serve as feedback.

2. The coverage during the librarian’s absence is handled in a way similar to the approach taken for sabbaticals — i.e., it is the library administration’s responsibility to make arrangements to cover duties during the leave period. While it is the library administration's responsibility to arrange for coverage of the leave when granted, it is the requestor’s responsibility, whenever feasible, to arrange the leave at a time that least disrupts performance duties.

3. A research leave may be from two weeks to two months in length with not more than two months total leave in any 12 month period.

4. Non-tenured librarians in a tenure-track position are eligible for up to five months of research leave in the period between appointment and application for tenure. Tenured librarians are eligible for up to seven months of research leaves, in addition to a sabbatical leave, within each seven-year period. However, a research leave and a sabbatical may not normally be taken consecutively.

5. The Application for Research/Creative Endeavor Leave is submitted to the library dean, who notifies the PDEC that an application has been submitted. The PDEC evaluates the application and makes its recommendation to the dean for final approval. At this time the dean will determined how the applicant’s duties will be covered and if there needs to be adjustment in the timing of the leave due to library needs.

6. There are no deadlines for applications for research leaves. Nevertheless, an application should be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the proposed beginning date for the leave, or as far in advance as possible, to give time for the application to be processed and evaluated by all concerned. It is recommended that the request for research leave be submitted simultaneously with other applications such as IRB approval, InULA grant applications and requests for travel grants.

7. As soon as possible after completion of the research leave, the librarian must provide a brief report describing the progress of his/her research to the Chair of the PDEC and to the dean. A copy of the report will be kept on file in the library. The progress on previous research leaves will weigh heavily in the committee’s decision to recommend further leaves.

The Professional Development Enhancement Committee

1. The purpose of the Committee is to evaluate research leave applications and make recommendations to the dean.

2. The committee will be made up of at least three librarians including at least one tenured librarian. An alternate will be named who will serve when a regular member is unavailable or ineligible due to submitting a request. The committee will be appointed by the dean and will serve three-year staggered terms.

Approved by LFC April 7, 2010, Effective July 1, 2010
Revised and approved by LFC October 5, 2011
Revised and approved by LOC April 2, 2014