IPFW Library Travel Support Grants

Source: Library Management Team; Library Operations Committee
Approved: 2014-04-01; 2012-9-09
Location: Library Staff Intranet – Staff Handbook


Recognizing that the library budget for travel is extremely limited, the Dean has initiated a travel grant program to support the professional development and service activities of librarians and administrative staff.


All benefitted library staff


Travel grants are limited to one per fiscal year. The following are representative of the types of activities that will be considered in awarding Travel Support Grants.

1. Presentation at a professional conference (invited or otherwise)
2. Elected or appointed position in a national or international organization requiring on-site attendance
3. Matching funds in support of other sources of funding
4. Continuing education such as Webinars, institutes, workshops, etc.
5. All things being equal, travel requests for untenured librarians will be given priority.


Applications will be reviewed and grants awarded twice per year (September 15 and February 15). Generally, no more than half of the fund will be awarded in the first round of proposals.

The application should be submitted by the due date to the Dean who will forward to the Professional Development Enhancement Committee (PDEC). The PDEC will make recommendations based upon the strength of the application. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Dean. Requests will be funded based on available funds and in the context of other requests.


The application should be no more than two pages and should include the following:

1. Name, number of years of service (untenured) or rank (tenured)

2. Title and date of professional development/service opportunity

3. Deadline for early/regular registration

4. Description of professional development/service opportunity and how it will further your personal career goals, the goals of the library, and the university

5. Total cost broken down by category of expense and amount being requested

Approved by LOC: October 3, 2012
Approved by LMT October 9, 2010
Revised and approved by LOC April 2, 2014