Obtaining DVDs and Videos not owned by Helmke Library

Title: Obtaining DVDs and Videos not owned by Helmke Library
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team
Date: 2018-0-12; 2014-07-08; 2009-10-26; 2009-03-01; 2008-12-01

1. Purchase by Helmke Library

Faculty: If you plan to show a DVD or video in your classes each semester, please contact your liaison librarian to determine if it can be purchased by Helmke Library for addition to the library's collection. Helmke Library loans most DVDs and VHS cassettes from our library collection for 42 days. Please be aware that other patrons and/or libraries may also check out these items; plan to check out the item well in advance of the date you will need it.

2. Via Document Delivery

Use Document Delivery to request the item from another library. There is no guarantee of delivery date for items ordered through Document Delivery. The length of loans and policies on renewing will also vary depending on the lending library's policies.

  • Click the Document Delivery link on the Helmke Library’s home page and login using your IPFW username and password
  • Under the New Request menu, select "DVD/Video/Tape/CD"
  • On the request form, enter the exact title, the date of production in the "Date of Publication" field, and the name of the production company (if available) in the Publisher field. In the Notes field, enter the specific format of the item you are requesting, i.e. 'This is a video' or 'Need DVD version only' (it is OK to delete the default words [DVD/Video/Tape/CD] in the Notes field when adding your own note).
  • Click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the form
  • Staff and faculty: Items  will be charged out and shipped to your office via campus mail
  • Students: an e-mail notification of arrival will be sent to your IPFW email account and the item will be held for your pick up at the Helmke Library Service Desk; bring your Mastodon card to charge out the item.