Overdue Fines and Overdue Notifications Policy

Title: Overdue Fines and Overdue Notifications Policy
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team
Date: 2004-05-25


IPFW Helmke Library shares the IUCAT library catalog with all other Indiana University Libraries. An IUCAT service called Request Delivery allows students, faculty, or staff on each campus to request the delivery of library materials directly from another campus. To implement the service, IU Libraries have adopted consistent circulation policies, overdue fines, and e-mail notifications on every campus.

The Policy

The Overdue Fines Policy:

  • IPFW students, IPFW staff, and Indiana residents will be charged 25 cents per day overdue fines on all regular circulating IPFW library materials. 
  • For materials on 2-hour reserve, the fine is 2 cents per minute ($1.20 per hour). For reserve materials with longer loan periods, the fine is $1.00 per day. 
  • Failure to return materials will result in a bill for the cost of the item plus a $10.00 processing fee and the accumulated overdue fines. 
    • IPFW students' records are encumbered so that they cannot register for classes, receive grade transcripts or graduate until the bill is satisfied. 
    • Borrowing privileges of Indiana residents (non-IPFW students) will be suspended until the bill is satisfied. If materials are not returned within 90 days of billing, the bill will be forwarded to the University's Comptroller for collection. 
    • Borrowing privileges of IPFW faculty and staff may be suspended until material is returned or renewed.
  • A non-refundable recall fine of $25.00 is assessed if materials that have been recalled are not returned within ten days of the recall date. See our Recall Policy and Procedures. 
  • To avoid incurring fines, users are responsible for returning all library materials on or before the due date. IPFW users with a valid university computer username and password may use IUCAT's My Account option to renew regular circulating library materials at any time.

The Overdue Notification Policy:

  • IPFW students, faculty, and staff will automatically be registered to receive e-mail notices via their official IPFW e-mail account. Users may choose to forward their IPFW e-mail to another account. Indiana residents are encouraged to provide an e-address when they apply for a library card. 
  • One week before an item is due, a renewal reminder will be e-mailed. Borrowers without e-mail will not receive this courtesy reminder. 
  • Overdue notices will be e-mailed. 
  • Bills for unreturned material and overdue fines will be sent by U.S. Mail.

Damaged Library Material:

Items that are damaged beyond repair will be assessed the cost of the material and a $10.00 processing fee. Charges for lesser damage will be decided by the Preservation Librarian.