Recall Policy

Title: Recall Policy
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team

It is the policy of the Helmke Library to honor the initial loan period for all library materials, both for IPFW users and for loans to other libraries through the Document Delivery Service. After an item is renewed, it will be subject to recall when requested by another user. Items needed for reserve are subject to immediate recall.


The library will e-mail a recall message to the borrower the day after a recall is requested. An overdue notice will be e-mailed for material not returned within 10 days of the recall notice. One week later, a second overdue message will be mailed that includes information about the recall policy. Borrowers who have not given an e-mail address to the library will have all notices mailed to them.

If the library material is not returned within ten days of the date of recall, a non-refundable fine of $25.00 will be assessed.

If the item is not returned within four weeks of the date of recall, the library will generate a bill for the materials to include the cost of the item, plus a processing fee ($10.00), an overdue fine ($12.50), and the $25.00 recall fee. Library borrowing and DDS privileges will be blocked until the item is returned or paid for.

If the material is subsequently returned within six months of the billing date, and if the library has not yet taken action to order a replacement, the library may forgive the cost of the book and the processing fee. The recall fee ($25.00) and the overdue fine ($12.50) are not refundable.